A spoonful of cough syrup helps the cold go away...wait, that's not right...

I am not a doctor, but the following self-treatments help me survive adulthood on a pretty much daily basis and got me through college. (Everything written here has also been vetted by two healthcare professionals whom I am privileged to call "Mom" and "Dad.")


Tension Headaches

This type is a squeezing, throbbing pain in the temples, back of the head, neck, and/or upper shoulders. Usually accompanied by stiff/popping neck and sometimes jaw pain. These flare up worse when you try to bend your neck, hunch, or lift something heavy.


If these tips do not help, see a good chiropractor who specializes in muscle therapies as well as joint readjustments.

Sinus Headaches

This type aches right above the brows, under the eyes/in the cheekbones, or even down into your teeth. Usually occurs alongside nasal congestion and/or allergies.


If these tips do not help, first check with your doctor to rule out sinus infections, and then check with your dentist--you may have a dental issue in your upper teeth that's causing pain, especially if it's your cheeks and teeth that hurt most.

High Blood Pressure Headaches

This type feels like a red-hot net of pain all over the head, but especially the top of the head. Usually accompanied by a flushed feeling in the face, possible ringing in the ears, and stress in the hour preceding the headache.


If these tips do not help, see a doctor, especially if you begin to feel lightheaded and jittery.

Migraine headaches

This type feels like vicious stabbing pain between your eyebrow and hairline, or in your eye. Usually occurs alongside flashing in your vision, light and sound sensitivity, severe nausea, and occasionally dizziness.


If these treatments do not help, see a doctor--it might be something worse than migraines!


Fever Diagnosis


Small Skin Wounds


If a red disk or ring ever appears around the wound, and it feels swollen, hot, and painful to the touch, get to the doctor ASAP!

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Warning: DO NOT use peroxide over a large area of affected skin (like burns, rashes, or fungal infections)--it's best for small or penetrative wounds, like bug bites, scratches, scrapes, or small animal bites.

Proper Usage

Small Burns, Rashes, and Fungal Infections

For Small Burns:

If the burned area gets larger, looks redder/more swollen, and is hot/painful to the touch, get to the doctor ASAP!

For Rashes:

If you recently walked through a woodland area or petted an animal that's been outdoors, you might have come into contact with urushiol, an irritating agent common on poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac.


If you recently started using a new laundry detergent, dish soap, bath soap, hand soap, or body wash, you might have contact dermatitis, which is a small but irritating allergic rash due to soaps or other chemicals.


If nothing in the above list works, get to a doctor ASAP.

For Fungal Infections:

Athlete's foot occurs most often between the toes as red, itchy, uncomfortable/painful skin that always feels wet.

Nail fungus appears as an unusually thick, discolored, and smelly nail, perhaps with some pitting on its surface.

If you have these symptoms anywhere other than on the feet, try applying anti-fungal cream right when it begins to be annoying. If the cream has not worked in a couple of days, get to a doctor.

Colds and Sore Throats

Cold and Sore Throat Diagnosis

Flu Diagnosis

Don't mess around with this: get to a doctor ASAP!

Cold/Sore Throat Treatment

If these tips don't help, see a doctor--it could be bronchitis, a sinus infection, or something else.

Stomach Ailments

Vomiting/Nausea Treatment

If you have vomited three times or more in an hour, or if you can't keep even water down, get to a doctor or emergency room.

Endless Cramping Treatment

If your abdomen feels bloated and hot to the touch even without a heating pad, get to the doctor!

Diarrhea Treatment

If you've had unchanging diarrhea for 24 hours, get to the doctor!

Constipation Treatment

If you try all this and nothing has helped after 24 hours, get to the doctor!

Joint Injuries

Minor Ankle/Knee Injury

Minor Elbow/Wrist Injury