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UPDATED! A layout archive recounting all 14 versions of (thus far).
NEW! A site celebrating our favorite bumbling villains of Pokemon, Jessie and James!
good ol' ev!
NEW! A dedication to the heroic dragonfly Evinrude from Disney's 1977 film The Rescuers.
love you to the moon
NEW! A tribute to the unsung hero of Inside Out, the friendly, imaginary Bing Bong.
u n $ p e n d
A GIF-laden site showcasing a new perspective on money, spending, and happiness.
college knowledge
Mobile-friendly, totally rewritten, and now with memes and images instead of loads of words!
lux perpetua
A site about the classiest and sassiest of superheroines, Dove of Hawk & Dove comics!
elusive enchanter
A musical and poetic dedication for my favorite Pokémon of all time, Clefairy!