Schoolwork Tips

Don't let the stress get to you!  Read the following tips!

Having trouble adapting to college? Need a boost? These tips below helped me get through college, and I believe they'll help you, too!


There are different styles of taking notes:

  1. The hyper-organized Cornell method;
  2. The topical outline method;
  3. The super-visual mapping method;
  4. The table-like charting method;
  5. The fast-flowing sentence method.

Try each one and see which one works most effectively for you! My personal choice is a combination of the outline method and sentence method, especially when I have a computer and can type my notes, because I can more effectively capture what the professor actually said in class. When I don't have a computer, I go solely outline method, summarizing and organizing the speech/lecture into topics.


Writing Papers

Note: I am a former English Language Arts teacher and thus am making these recommendations based on that experience. I believe the following tips will be applicable for every discipline and major, but go by your professor's/program's recommendations first.