College Cooking

college cooking

Cooking...the final frontier. Don't you wish you could get a food replicator and be done with it?

I still feel this way even after college!! LOL

But seriously, all Star Trek references aside, cooking is one of the banes of college existence, unless you've been used to cooking at home (or eating take-out a lot). With usually only one kitchen to service the whole dorm, said kitchen is generally a mess at all times, with the delightful smells of burnt popcorn wafting down the hall, and at least one fire alarm every month.

This was me my freshman year!  LOL

But fear not, culinary Ensigns! (Sorry, couldn't resist one more reference) There is more to the kitchen than the terrifying results of the microwave!

Cheap/Good Eating

Food Shopping

Basic Cooking

Kitchen Cleaning

Mastering the Fridge