Work those social connections!

Going to class and getting your schoolwork done aren't the only things you should be doing while in college. What you do in these few short years will affect at least the first ten years of your work life, if not all of your working years.

Why? Because of a little thing called "networking"--simply put, building relationships with others in your field. If you don't do at least a little of this, you will suffer in your career. Please learn from my (very expensive) fail.

Network with Professors

Think of the professors in your major as professionals in your future field, because they are. You need rapport with them if you're going to have good references coming out of college, and the following tips will help you obtain that:

Network with Peers

Your peers might be asking you for study notes (or vice versa) now, but one day you could be asking them for a job reference (or vice versa). Don't ignore the unique opportunity you have to make good professional friends!