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Version 3: Gentle Darling

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Debuted in May 2005

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Photoshop Elements 2.0
Fonts: Vivaldi, Arial

Layout Structure

  • Non-transparent iframe inside a container div
  • Iframe div absolutely positioned over a background image
  • Image map navigation

New Techniques

  • Going against current design trends with a white/navy color scheme
  • Using words as decoration rather than images
  • Clearly delineated box for content
  • Solid color for iframe background (no transparency)
  • Using an image map for navigation


  • I decided to go very simple with this layout since I didn't know much about creating web graphics.
  • I wrote the poetry at the bottom left of the background image.
  • This design got a lot of positive comments from visitors, because it was so different and so legible.
  • One could say that version 9 and version 12 of withinmyworld.org are inspired by this layout.