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Version 9: Bright Sky

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Debuted In November 2008

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Photoshop Elements 5.0
My own cell phone photography
Brushes: Cloud Brushes
Fonts: Chopin Script, Garamond, Verdana

Layout Structure

  • 2-column centered floated layout
  • Two columns for content
  • Wide header image
  • HUGE background image

New Techniques

  • Creating and using a huge background image
  • Implementing sidebar widgets
  • Coding a tidy sidebar menu using display: block


  • This revamp officially brought me back into hobby webdesign, since my idea to use the domain as a grad school portfolio didn't pan out.
  • The picture used in the header is the sky over my now-husband's family home.
  • The layout's basic color scheme is very similar to version 1. What can I say, I love light blue!
  • I found the sidebar widgets to be annoying and distracting after a while, so they didn't stay long.
  • A dear Internet friend taught me how to do the display: block trick for my navigation.