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Version 8: Deep Woods

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Debuted On May 23rd, 2008

matching button for this layout
matching button for this layout


Photoshop Elements 5.0
My own cell phone photography
Fonts: Pristina, Sylfaen, Times

Layout Structure

  • 2-column centered layout
  • Two divs for content, floated left and right
  • GIANT header image

New Techniques

  • Centering the layout with margin: 0px auto
  • Floating divs
  • Using a massive header image
  • Switching from iframes to PHP includes
  • Javascript mouseovers for navigation links


  • Inspired by version 5, I went out and took pictures of the woods around my house for this layout.
  • This was the first time I used Javascript image mouseovers on a website! (See the highlighted "home" link in the full screenshot)
  • I recoded my entire domain in PHP for this version, to help move with the times and use divs instead of iframes. (Plus, a dear Internet friend showed me how to do PHP includes and I fell in love with their convenience.)
  • This layout was intended to change the domain over from a hobby site to a graduate school portfolio.
  • There was a previous version 8 I designed with a very different feel, but this is the one I ended up using.
  • I actually uploaded this design while I was hanging out at the gaming shop in my hometown, borrowing the shop's fast Internet because I still had nothing but dialup at home. #rurallivingproblems