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Version 11: A Little Night Magic

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Debuted On November 1st, 2010

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Photoshop Elements 8.0
Fonts: Centaur, Verdana, Times New Roman

Layout Structure

  • 2-column centered floated layout
  • Two columns for content
  • One huge image, sliced in half; top half became the header, bottom half became the content background

New Techniques

  • Displaying image slices behind content divs
  • Using LJMagpie to import network updates from Livejournal


  • This is my absolute favorite layout I've ever done, and much of the reason is the beautiful, whimsical image.
  • I had to do a lot of code trickery (and some screaming at the computer screen, LOL) to get the sliced-up image to display correctly behind the content, but it finally worked out!
  • Unlike version 10, I didn't end up using any icons for navigation this time, because they made this layout feel more cluttered.
  • This design's title is a riff on the musical A Little Night Music.
  • Due to a hard drive crash in late 2011, I lost all the files for this layout...that is, until March 2016, when I discovered the image files and much of the code still available through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine! Huzzah!