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Version 10: Soft Bloom

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Debuted On January 12th, 2010

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Photoshop Elements 8.0
Fonts: Garamond, Vivaldi

Layout Structure

  • 2-column centered floated layout
  • Two columns for content
  • Wide header image
  • Vertically repeating background image

New Techniques

  • Implementing icons for part of site navigations
  • Blending two photos together for the header
  • Creating a vertically repeating background pattern


  • Because of my fail with version 4, I made another attempt at using pink in a design, with much better results! Instead of making pink the dominant color, I used it in conjunction with a lot of cream and burgundy, and darkened the pink considerably. This made it much more palatable for me.
  • I liked using some icons for this layout's navigation because it felt less cluttered and wordy.
  • This vintage-feeling layout is still one of my favorites. ♥♥♥