Steps to a Smooth Move-In

How moving in feels sometimes!

Moving into a dorm or apartment isn't just a "park and dump" scenario. Have a battle plan like the one below, and you won't be trying to jam more stuff into less space, or making frenzied runs to the store the night before classes start!

  1. Before you even get to your room, make sure you know the following:
    • Its dimensions
    • If it has built-in closets or not
    • If it comes already furnished or not
    • If it has central heat and air or not
    • If it is carpeted or not
  2. Don't pack:
    • Curtains (fire hazard)
    • Candles/incense (fire hazard)
    • Bed lofting kits (safety hazard)
    • Paint (not allowed in most dorms/apts)
    • Nails (ditto)
  3. Call, text, or email your roomie(s) about needed furniture. Who's bringing the mini-fridge, the TV, etc?
  4. Make sure you have your cleaning supplies handy!
  5. Move in as early as possible on move-in day, so you can lug everything in before it gets hot.
  6. Prop open the door to your room to allow it to air while you move in. Turn on A/C or open windows as appropriate.
  7. Clean ALL the things, even the blinds, ceiling fans, and underneath furniture.
  8. Now the room's ready to be moved in! YAY!

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