Dressing for Class

Your appearance doesn't matter as much as your academic performance, but your professors and fellow classmates will immediately get a sense of your attitude toward college by seeing how you're dressed for class. After all, if you're dressed in pajamas or sweats all the time, it gives off the impression that you don't care about school; if you're dressed like you're going to the club, it says "Hi, I'm only here for the dating opportunities." Neither impression is favorable!

So, if you're serious about college, here's how to appear professional and still comfortable:

Visual Guide to College Clothes

Thankfully, you do not have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for college! Here's a couple of images showing you what will work best for you:

Basics, by yamie on Polyvore

Basics, by borntorun on Polyvore

Note: Though these sets feature women's clothing, the same concepts work for men's attire as well.

Basic Concepts for a College Wardrobe

30 for the (College) Fashionista
A Modest Clothing Checklist

Side Note: Hygiene

As a college student, sometimes it will not feel worth it to hop in the shower, especially for those horrible 8:00 am classes. Don't skip out, though! Being clean helps you wake up, helps other students concentrate better, and shows that you're serious about class.

Every day, before your first class, do the following five things:

Pro tip: trousers and bras can be worn on alternating days to save on laundry. Just make sure to spritz them with a little Febreze and air them out between wearings. (Do wash them every week, though!)

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